Overactive bladder symptom checklist

It looks like you could have an overactive bladder

Please discuss your results with your doctor.
During the past week did the following bother you? Your answers
1. Frequently needing the toilet during the daytime hours
    (8 or more times a day)?
2. Suddenly needing the toilet with little or no warning? Yes
3. Accidental leakage of small amounts of urine, for example
    when you laugh or cough?
4. Accidental leakage of a small amount of urine after an urgent
    and uncontrollable need to go to the toilet?
5. Waking up two or more times at night to go to the toilet? Yes
6. A painful or uncomfortable sensation when using the toilet? No
7. Wetting the bed? No

A patient awareness campaign sponsored by Astellas in partnership with the Bladder and Bowel Foundation Date of preparation October 2012     VES11235UKi
Registered Charity No. 1085095