An estimated 14 million men and women of all ages in the UK have bladder problems1

Are you one of them? Follow the 4 simple steps below or talk in confidence on 0800 011 4786

An estimated 14 million men and women of all ages in the UK have bladder problems...2

...7 million of whom have overactive bladder (OAB).2 This is characterised by the urgent and frequent need to go to the toilet. If you're finding it difficult to manage your bladder problem, the good news is that four simple steps can help you find ways to control and/or treat it.

With the four steps, you can identify and assess what your bladder problem may be, read our useful advice on self-help tips that you can adopt at home, prepare yourself for getting the most out of your appointment with your doctor and find out about how to keep track of your progress in the long term.

Start at Step 1 to identify what type of bladder problem you may have.

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Our free guide is designed to help you identify your bladder problem, understand it, and support you through treatment. Inside, you'll find: Information on bladder control problems, lifestyle tips, advice on setting achievable treament goals, advice on speaking to your doctor and a bladder diary.

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Keeping a Bladder diary helps your doctor understand more about your problem.

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